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Stools-Display Stands

Shown are our most popular designs that we stock in various stages of finishing.
Custom designs and sizes can be produced in minimum quantities.



The beauty of our Twist-side stool lies in its simplicity. It’s bold, yet gentle. Rustic, yet refined. Elegant one-quarter twists support this original piece, which can serve as an end table, display stand or stool for last-minute extra seating. Natures creations are always in style; this dramatic accent piece is a stylish complement to both traditional and contemporary settings

Twist Stool design shown in brown water based stain and wax

The Double Twist stool is a visual delight in any setting. It’s graceful one-quarter turns will add a sense of serenity and beauty to your home. This one-of-a-kind piece can be appreciated from any angle. Use it as an end table, display stand or stool for last-minute extra seating. Two together can serve as a striking coffee table
Doubble Twist in White Wash Wax


Our Vine Twist Stool transports you to Thailand where the Monkey Pod tree, a non-native species, grows rapidly. Its graceful legs stretch and curve from base to top…in the manner of tree vines…bringing the stately, timeless wonder of nature into your home. It’s an exceptional example of beauty through simplicity. As always, our stools are dedicated multi-task ers! Try them out as an end table, or display stand for lamps or décor

Vine Twist Stool in Brown Wax


A single graceful half twist creating the perfect display stand. Each piece is hand crafted, kiln dried, and elegantly finished to show off the beauty of the natural wood and craftsmanship of the piece. Carved from a single piece of sustainable, lustrous Monkey Pod wood, each Stool or Display Stand is a work of art itself, and can be lit from above or below to show off the unique curves and grain of the piece

Single Twist stool in Tung Oil


The wavy design of this handsome piece accentuates the flow of the wood grain. By coupling the warmth of the wood’s natural beauty with the imagination and talent of the craftsman, we have a sturdy piece that is both practical and fashionable. Like all of our stools, it can also serve as an end table or display stand

Natural Stool or stand in Tung Oil


Rectangular shape with gracefully curved walls accented by base and top size differential. Can serve as elegant pedestals or stools to display anything from a useful lamp to a prized piece of sculpture. Their sturdy, and yet light so that you can move them easily for maximum effect in the decorating scheme of your choice…or even if your decorating choices change as they’re a perfect enhancement to any décor

Squeezed Rectangle stool or stand in Brown Wax


arge piece of wood carved reminiscent of the butcher block style kitchen décor. Solid and reliable as a stool or stand. Useful in the kitchen area as well as the other rooms in the house. The Tung Oil finish is food safe as well as highly water resistant

Blocky Stool in Tung Oil


Hand turned from Mango Wood to look like a stack of wood rings exposing the grain at different depths. After turning the inside is hollowed out for weight reduction

Mango Stacked Rings stool 10" diameter x 18" high in Tung Oil


Hand turned from Mango Wood in alternating V's that are stacked to create a unique and functional piece. After turning the inside is hollowed out for weight reduction

Inverted V Mango stool in Tung Oil


Hand carved two stage peep hole design

Keyhole stool in Walnut Tone Oil

Triple Twist

Hand carved solid triple twsit stand stool or end table reminisent of a corkscrew pillar

Monkey Pod Wood Triple Twists stand in walnut oil

Puzzle Stool

A fun and functional piece that can be used as a stool or joined with several pieces to create a unique bench or coffee table

Monkey Pod wood Puzzle Stool in Walnut Oil

Tear Drop

Hand carved into a rounded edge tear drop shape

Monkey Pod wood Tear Drop Stool no finish